Deshka Landing Rules and Fees

DLOA General rules, Launch Rules, and Usage Fees

DLOA General Rules

All users of the Deshka Landing are subject to the rules set forth by the DLOA Board of Managers. The DLOA Staff will enforce the rules in an equitable and professional manner.

1.       Memberships and individual passes are for the personal use of the individual or couple (and minor/dependent children) that own it. It may not be loaned, shared or otherwise used by anyone else.
2.      Members who do not remain current with respect to both membership and annual fees may be denied services.
3.      Member and pass holder parking spaces are solely for their use. The vehicles of guests are subject to payment of parking fees. Each member is entitled to two parking spaces. Pass holders are entitled to one parking space and one additional parking space for a spouse or minor/dependent child. A minor/dependent child is defined as a birth child, an adopted child, a legal stepchild or a foster child in the Member or pass holder’s care who is aged 18 or younger.
4.      All member and pass holders are required to prominently display the DLOA sticker on the windshield of their vehicle.  DLOA staff will permanently affix the DLOA sticker to the vehicle windshield.
5.      All dogs and pets must be leashed and under the constant control of their handler.  All pet owners/handlers are required to pick up a pet’s waste and dispose of it properly.
6.      All vehicles are to be parked within the DLOA gate and within established parking patterns to maximize utilization of space except those used for short visits to the facility.
7.      There is a 5 mph speed limit for all motorized vehicles on DLOA property (vehicles, ATV’s, snow machines).
8.      The presence of loaded weapons on the DLOA premises is prohibited.
9.      Alcohol and illegal drug consumption on DLOA premises is forbidden. The DLOA reserves the right to deny services to any person who appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
10.  Pass holders are entitled to have only one boat in the water at a given time. Additional boats are subject to payment of launch fees at the published rate.
11.  Guests who physically accompany members and pass holders in their vehicles are not required to for pay any fees.  Guests in their own vehicles must pay separate parking and launch fees.
12.  All authorized storage of off season equipment will be properly stored on Tract C-1. DLOA Staff will be notified of all property stored on Tract C-1 and a log will maintained for future identification of stored property.  Non-Members and pass holders will be charged a storage fee for property stored or staged Tract C-1.
13.  All building materials and staging of equipment readying for transport will be unloaded on Tract C-1 only. The main parking lot will remain free of unloaded building materials, empty fuel drums, cabin furnishings, etc. Only vehicles and trailers will be parked in the main parking lot.  The only exception to this rule is when the member or pass holder is accompanying the delivery and loading for immediate departure.
14.  Unauthorized vehicles and equipment are subject to removal by an authorized towing company at the owner’s expense. Unauthorized vehicles are defined as vehicles not displaying the provided DLOA sticker or written pass, any vehicle or equipment that poses a danger to personnel or a hazard to the environment and DLOA grounds and unattended boats, vehicles or trailers parked in the marina or launch area.
15.  Take all of your trash with you.
16.  Vehicles entering the DLOA gate and not parking on DLOA property will be assessed a fee of $5.00.  This fee will not be assessed when a boat launch is purchased.
17.  There are no “In and Out Privileges” for Day Users.
18.  Users staying overnight in an RV/Tent/Vehicle on the property will be charged the launch rate per day during the time of their stay if they are launching their boat daily.  Additional fees will apply if an “RV Spot” is rented. 

DLOA Launch Rules

All users of the Deshka Landing are subject to the rules set forth by the DLOA Board of Managers. The DLOA Staff will enforce the rules in an equitable and professional manner.

1.      The entire launch and adjacent slough is designated as a “NO WAKE ZONE”.
2.      All launching and recovery must be done on the concrete launch.  All users must follow any instructions provided by the DLOA launch monitors, if present.

3.      Any non-member or non-pass holder landing from the river system must pay the published launch use fees.
4.      No vessel may be moored overnight in the launch unless approved by the Office.
5.      No unattended mooring longer than 1 hour.
6.      Loading and unloading vessel in the launch ramp area is prohibited. Use designated space in the upper parking lot for these purposes.
7.      Vehicles may be used to load and unload passengers and equipment while moored in the launch provided the vehicle is not left unattended and does not obstruct traffic to and from the launch ramp areas.
8.  Commercial users wishing to use the launch to load or unload equipment and supplies must obtain approval of DLOA Staff in advance of expected delivery.
9.  No loads may be left unattended in the launch area.
10.  Users loading or off-loading fuel must comply with the Department of Environmental Conservation regulations, with respect to equipment and procedures. Copies of the regulations may be obtained at the DLOA office.
11.  No unattended vehicles may be left in the launch area, except for all terrain vehicles which must be parked in the designated area.
12.  Cleaning and/or discarding of fish parts in the launch are strictly prohibited.
13.  Children must not be left unattended or unsupervised in the launch.
14.  A “launch” is defined as one exit and one entry from the DLOA property onto the Susitna River.

Usage Fees

First Day

Boat Launch and Parking: $40.00

Winter Launch and Parking: $10.00

Vehicle Only Parking if validated during office hours: $10.00

Multiple Day Parking

First day rate plus

0-1 Hours: $0

1-2 Hours: $4.00

2-3 Hours: $6.00

3-4 Hours: $8.00

4 Hours up to 24 Hours: $10.00 Max Rate

24 Hour Period Begins upon arrival

No in and out privileges


Example:  If you arrive at 1:00 pm you are valid until the following day at 1:00 pm.

Rate example: Enter at 1:10 pm Friday and Exit at 3:30 on Sunday in the Summer.  Your calculated rate will be: $40 First day, $10 Second day, $6 Final Day (Within 3 hours of the beginning of your last day stayed).

Seasonal Passes


Magnetic swipe card for 24/7 access
A place to park your boat/snowmachine for the season
With the purchase of a second swipe card for $25.00 (annual pass only)
A place for spouse or one dependent to park (annual pass only)
Annual passholders only:  $300 per year for one spot of off season storage i.e. Store your boat in long term storage in the winter while you store your snowmachine in the main lot and vice versa.  $600 per year for each additional spot.

Winter $275 (Nov 1* to April 15) No storage of property in main parking lot after April 15th.

Summer $550 (May 1* to Oct. 15) No storage of property in main parking lot after October 15th.

Annual $750 (May 1* to Apr. 15) No storage of property in main parking lot after April 15th or October 15th.

*Passes will open upon acceptable conditions as determined by DLOA

Any commercial businesses operating through the Landing must have all paperwork complete before using our facility.