Commercial Operations for the DLOA

DLOA Business Rates, Policies, , Guidance and Instructions

Business to Business Rates

Highly Seasonal Use and Licensed Guides

Annual: $1200.00
Summer: N/A
Winter: $350.00

Lodge Owner Operator

Annual: $1200.00
Summer: N/A
Winter: $350.00
Day Use: $N/A


Annual: $1200.00
Summer: N/A
Winter: $350.00

Emergency Services


DLOA Owner Operator


Uncategorized Operator

To be determined


Commercial Pass Policy

This policy applies to all who gain access to the Susitna/Yentna Drainages to and through the DLOA for commercial purposes, as opposed to being a recreational user of the DLOA.   Purpose: To establish the guidelines and annual/season/daily rates of the Individual DLOA Commercial Pass Agreement and to specify the responsibilities of DLOA Owner/Member commercial users. To define and help identify individuals who use the DLOA for commercial purposes. To ensure the financial and legal liabilities and interests of the DLOA are protected to the extent possible. General: It is the goal of the DLOA that fees be assessed at an equitable rate, based on the levels of use and extent of impact each commercial activity has on the DLOA facilities. The DLOA Board of Managers (BOM) will review this policy periodically and modify its content when warranted, based on comments and suggestions of interested parties or as a result of economic changes or incompatible users. Commercial operators and/or activities are as identified in the following categories;

Delivery and Related Services:  Those who deliver goods for drop off at the landing without requiring river access.

Emergency Services:  This includes ambulances, firefighters and other such vehicles/personnel.  Such vehicles will be given immediate and priority service.

Freighter/Transporter:  Those who receive income or expect to gain monetarily through their efforts and use the DLOA facilities and/or launch to store, stage or haul freight, transport material or people and other related services such as boat and snowmobile retrieval, timber, mineral, gas and oil exploration and/or extraction.

Licensed Guide: Individual that uses the DLOA facilities and/or launch to transport clients for the taking of fish and/or game. Guides will need to provide DLOA with a copy of the ADF&G sport fishing guide license for the current year.

Lodge Owner/Operator:  Owner or operator of one lodge who use the DLOA facilities and/or launch for providing access for provisions, equipment, supplies, and guest(s) to their facility.

Multiple Lodge Owner/Operator:  The same as “Lodge Owner/Operator” except the individual(s) or organization owns or operates more than one lodge.

DLOA Owner/Member Commercial Operator:  Those who are DLOA Owner/Members and also involved in commercial operations that involve use of the launch.
Uncategorized Commercial Operator(s): Any individual or organization whom receives monetary gain or expects to receive monetary gain, resultant from their activity upon using the DLOA facilities and/or launch.

Applicable Guidance and Instructions

All Commercial Operators (including DLOA Owner/Member Commercial Operators) must be registered with the DLOA Office to be duly approved to utilize the DLOA facilities and/or launch.

A Commercial Pass Holders folder will be established and maintained. A file on each Commercial Pass Holder will be administered prior to the pass being sold or issued.

A Commercial Pass is valid only for the individual named on the pass and their spouse and minor/dependant children. Their guests and employees will pay the daily rate of the applicable season, at the rates established for Recreational Users, commensurate with their intended actions, i.e. Parking, Park and Launch, Launch.

A Commercial Pass validates the use of one (1) boat at a time. Each additional boat used by the pass holder will be assessed an additional fee in the amount equal to the original pass.

All Commercial Operators (including DLOA Owner/Member Commercial Operators) must present a current Certificate of Liability Insurance.

Boats displaying an official State of Alaska Guide Decal will be considered as being operated commercially. All such boats will be assessed at the Commercial Pass Fee Rate. The boat will not be allowed to launch at the Recreational Pass Fee Rate nor will the operator be allowed to launch without prior registration. Even if the decal has expired. NO EXCEPTIONS

Commercial Pass Holders will be provided packet that includes a signed copy of the DLOA Commercial Pass Agreement and copies of the General, Marina and Freighting Rules.