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Company Overview

DLOA LLC was formed in 1998 to insure that there is continued access to the Lower Susitna Drainage. The drainage includes the Susitna River, Deshka River, Yentna River, and the Alexander Creek and all their tributaries. We provide year-round access to the river system via a boat launch ramp. We encompass approximately 41 acres, of which about 20 acres is use for the main parking lot to include parking, storage, a small store, indoor restrooms, and fuel.

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Slight thawing during the day and freezing at night are keeping the trails close to what they have been for last couple weeks, no new or major changes. It will be a busy weekend on the river and trials, There is a Junior Dog sled Race starting this afternoon running mostly through the swamp trails this side of the river but I do believe they do hit the river at some points, and the Big SU 100 (foot, bike, ski) race starting Starting at Big Lake through the swamps up the SU from the Old Iditarod Trail to Rolly creeks and up to Eagle quest and back through the swamps to Big Lake Starting Saturday. So be cautious of both sets of racers. ...

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Trails reports have had very little excitement, not much new snow and temperatures have stayed below freezing. It should be a nice weekend to come out and ride before the Superbowl. Members should be receiving their K-1's this week, so look for that in your mailbox. Since Justin has a new baby make sure you call ahead if you need to do business at the office. ...

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To provide year-round excellent access to the Lower-Susitna drainage, while offering responsible customer service, habitat/environmental protection, and financial stability for its members.

Our Services

  • Early and Late season boat launch
  • Access to groomed snowmachine trail systems
  • Access to Fishing, Hunting, ATVing, Camping, Bird watching, Hiking
  • Ample parking for year-round outdoor activities
  • Indoor heated restrooms
  • Gas available on site 24/7 (Visa/MC needed outside of Office Hours)
  • Electronic gate access 24/7 (Cash or Visa/MC)



The automated gate is accessible 24/7.  You will pay when you exit using cash, Visa, or MasterCard.

Important! You cannot walk to the Deshka River From the Deshka landing.

Our hours may change on short notice.

Monday: 9am – 5pm
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: Closed
Thursday: 9am – 5pm
Friday: 9am – 5pm
Saturday:9am -5pm
Sunday: 9am -5pm
Phone: (907) 495-3374